10 Things on my mind after Scandal Episode “The Lawn Chair”

Listen. Out of all the blogs I have written about this show….this one is hands down the hardest one I’ve written. I watched this episode again this morning and it still hit me all in the feels. Alllllllll in the feels. I’m right here before the show even starts! 10. When art imitates life. Mike … Continue reading

10 Things on My Mind after Scandal Episode “No More Blood”

OOOOOO weeeeee! This episode was crazy! I was on pins and needles trying to find out what was going to happen. I know I was not the only one who was just ready to get this part of the story over with so we could move on. This whole idea of auctioning a black woman … Continue reading

10 Things on my Mind after Scandal episode “Gladiators Don’t Run”

Ok so I will admit that ever since Mama Pope decided that her wrist would taste good even without the fava beans and the nice chianti, my entire soul cries out when I see a “viewer discretion” warning. I watched this entire episode with my covers pulled up to my nostrils. Here we go….. 10. … Continue reading

10 Things on my mind after Scandal episode “Where’s the Black Lady?”

I’m BAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!! Life did the complete and absolute FOOL lately so I had to go MIA but here I be! So last week had me on the fence. I was on the edge of my seat but it didn’t push me all the way over kinda like Luther’s curl back in the 80’s. And watching … Continue reading

10 Things on my mind after Scandal episode “In the Bubble”

*sigh* Lawd this blog was getting hard but I see glimpses of what I need! Shonda come on and step it up! With that said, here goes! 10. H*es are people too. So this episode brought with it a speech about how h*es don’t have to be stupid. Well that’s true. H*es gotta stay up … Continue reading

10 Things on my mind after Scandal Episode “The State of the Union”

Ok so I am struggling. The people who know me best know that I am all about some Scandal and I am DEFINITELY #teamolitz. However, Shonda is losing my attention. I am struggling to have 10 things on my mind y’all. Most of the time it’s just 1 thing: BLAH. With that said, let it … Continue reading